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Embarking on a new construction or renovation project is daunting and often overwhelming. Sytsma Construction is here to help make the process seamless for our clients. Along with determining client’s needs and desires, we use our proven strategies and extensive resources to make out client’s dreams a reality.

Understanding and exceeding the goals of each client is our primary objective in designing a home and bringing it to life. We work with a client’s individual budget, desire, location, and family lifestyle to ensure that the end product is custom-fit.

A new construction project flourishes when the general contractor, architect, interior designer, and realtor work together in a team effort. While we have several excellent recommendations for these positions if needed, we understand if our clients already have established relationships in place. Regardless, it is imperative that open and effective communication between the various professionals be established at the start of the project; this ensures that no detail is forgotten. Open communication also ensures accountability between members of the team and the client’s vision.

When it comes to new construction, the synergy of the team approach allows Sytsma Construction to guide the client into the right location. The team of professionals is able to share all prospective options and also present potential state regulations. Working as a team also allows us to suggest designs to fit the economic environment of the surroundings and to project future economic growth in a given area.

We enjoy building relationships with our clients; walking beside them while they plan their dreams. It is an exciting process and the conceptual design service is complementary with Sytsma Construction.

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Remodeling, renovation and restoration projects are also a large part of what we do at Sytsma Construction. Many clients wish to maintain positive equity in the home that they love. Making adjustments and updates to their home is often a way to accomplish this goal. 

The Sytsma Construction team approach helps by utilizing the proper designers and architects who study existing structures, floor plans, and lifestyles. From there, recommendations are made to match a customer’s needs and accentuate each property’s value.

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